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  • Recently returned from a fabulous trip to New Zealand's South Island, an incredibly beautiful place with a huge variety of gorgeous scenery. From glaciers to waterfalls to lakes to trout streams :), water abounds. Can't wait to go back.
  • Tomorrow night, Nov 9th @cascadetheatre! See you there!

Come check out these amazing adventure fly fishing film from around the world and help us raise some funds to benefit our finned friends!
#flyfishingfilmtour #f3t #tumuchfun
  • Getting to be that puffy jacket time of year. #farnorcal
  • Creekin'
  • Sundial silhouette.
  • There are some pretty spectacular places to lie on a rock and read in this neck of the woods.
  • Good times on the Lower Sac.
  • Bird-doggin trout on Hat Creek.
  • It's nice to be reminded how simple getting on the water can be. 😂

Photo from the Lower Sac several years ago.
  • Jumping into Fall like...
The variety and quality of Fall recreation close at hand in Northern CA is panic-inducing; it's primetime for so many pursuits. One can't help but feel that the choice of one intriguing adventure simply eliminates the ability to pursue another.

It helps to remember that no matter the choice, it's a good one. Enjoy it.

Anyone else suffer from Fall FOMO? (Pic: Hazel leaping over a Modoc County stream)
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