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Sorry for the inconvenience, we are updating our website. Meanwhile, here are some fish pictures!

  • Looking forward to a weekend in our backyard Alps to chase some brookies.
  • Looking forward to Fall and the myriad outdoor pursuits that come with it in the north state, but going to miss our beautiful warm summer evenings.
  • I love that a fly rod can make a place as beautiful as this even more special.
  • The Fall River Valley spring system is a remarkable area for a wide variety of fishy reasons; throwing these big bugs at dark is high on that list. #hex
  • Here's the Hat Creek video! 35 acres at the end of the road with 1/4 mile of creek frontage. Adjacent U.S. Forest Service land provides an additional mile of creek access and many miles of public land to hunt and explore. The property suffered fire damage a few years ago but has been replanted.
  • This is a neat one. 35 acres on Hat Creek with over 1/4 mile of creek front. It is adjacent to Forest Service land that is not easily accessed by the public, providing an additional mile of creek to fish and many miles of public land to hunt. The property is located at the end of a good gravel road with gated access. Check link in bio for details.
  • On the hunt. There's something completely engrossing about fly fishing small streams. From stealth to tight casting lanes and presentation, and everything in betweem, the variables are dynamic. Yet it's also all so simple and observable and connecting.
  • 80 acres with wild rainbow and brown trout. Lake Christine on Rock Creek Ranch is a former private waters fishery. Though the property suffered from the 2012 Ponderosa fire it has been replanted with 14,000 pine, cedar and oak. See link in bio. Now $325,000!
  • "What are they bitin' on!?"
  • It's flats fishing season in Northern Ca.
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