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Water is a powerful thing. As it etches its course through rock and earth, so too does it carve indelible memories created with loved ones or in solitude. Humans are drawn to water. We at River’s Edge Properties understand this, as that is the effect water has on us and is why we do what we do. It’s our passion!

While we advertise through the traditional channels most agents utilize (MLS, realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, The Real Estate Book, etc.), we have developed a unique and comprehensive marketing strategy designed to reach waterfront property enthusiasts wherever they live, most often that is not in our immediate geographical region. Northern California is a recreational paradise with the ability to enhance one’s quality of life, year round. Our advertising, and this website, is designed to help educate people of that fact, and show the amazing beauty (and fish!) we have in our backyard.

Through a combination of highly targeted online, print and proprietary advertising outlets, we target buyers all over the world with a special focus on Central and Southern California. Below is a chart of our website analytics depicting where online searches in California begin by location (where a potential online buyer lives). The shade and size of each bubble indicates density in an area.


We find out-of-area buyers!

We focus on finding buyers who identify with the special lifestyle owning a property like yours presents, and who recognize the increased inherent value these properties hold. Being avid and highly experienced fly fishers and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, with extensive knowledge of Northern California’s recreation, provides us the ability to have very real conversations with these buyers, relating to their needs and expectations.

Please contact us to set up a consultation and free market analysis of your property. We would love to see if you think River’s Edge Properties would be a good fit for your goals.

Thank you!

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