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Lower Sac – Lots of big egg-eating Rainbows

Egg patterns for Rainbows is the name of the game right now on the Lower Sac! If you see actively spawning salmon there are no doubt a bunch rainbows sitting just downstream, gobbling up eggs and dislodged nymphs from the frantic action just above. The best technique is to dead drift an egg pattern, with a small mayfly or caddis nymph dropper just behind the salmon; letting the egg drift off the salmon redd into the deeper water where the trout are holding. Best egg colors right now are ranging between orange and peach. For the dropper nymph, earlier in the day fish smaller mayfly nymphs #16-18, shifting towards caddis pupae in the afternoon/evening (#12-14). Also keep an eye out for rising fish from about 3:00 on until the weather cools, best pattern is a #14 Missing Link (Or use another Caddis Dry). Remember when wading to avoid the clean patches of gravel (salmon redds) where the salmon have been recently spawning and have laid fragile eggs in the stream bed.

Lower is Sac is fishing great with egg patterns

Lots of action right now for hungry Rainbows with a taste for salmon eggs.

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