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Lower Sacramento River Winter Dry Fly Fishing

Winter on the Lower Sacramento River in Redding often means less crowds, drizzly skies and some great dry fly fishing!

The Sac can provide some fantastic Winter fly fishing opportunities with minimal pressure and big fish. Check out the video below for some winter dry fly fishing action!

BWOs love miserable weather. While heavy rain or wind isn’t a good thing and will depress the hatch, dark cloud cover and and a light steady drizzle can produce prolific hatches of these baetis mayflies.  These bugs come off in their highest concentrations between about noon and three o’clock, so no need to get up early.

Lower Sacramento River Winter Dry Fly Fishing

Wet Rainy day can trigger abundant BWO hatches. Good dries include these Hackle Stacker Sparkle Duns.

Some good nymph fishing can be had in the riffle water as fish come in to feed, but keep your eyes peeled through the tailouts and in eddies and breaks in the current for some big noses poking through. If you are looking for some Lower Sacramento River Winter dry fly fishing opportunities don’t forget your rain gear!

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