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Trinity Riverfront Property

Trinity River Lewiston, CA Price: $SOLD

A very unique and usable piece of Northern California waterfront property on the Trinity River, one of the best steelhead fisheries anywhere. This 1 acre parcel of Trinity River Land is located on the Fly Fishing Only Section in Lewiston, the highest section in which steelhead and salmon can make their upstream journey. To the fisherman this means a bunch of steelhead and salmon in your back yard. Throw in some huge browns and eager, feisty rainbows and you have hours of backyard entertainment for all ages! This property is located in the quaint and historic town of Lewiston, only 15 minutes from Weaverville and 45 minutes from all the amenities of Redding.

Offered at $SOLD

Trinity Riverfront Property

This a very clean and open piece of Trinity Riverfront property providing access to the Trinity River’s Fly Fishing Only Section. The destination point for many of the Trinity River’s steelhead and salmon and hosts some very large brown trout, as well as rainbows. This 1 acre lot is ready for your fishing retreat and located in the quaint, historic town of Lewiston. The property gently slopes from your access on Deadwood Rd. to a grassy landing below. Between the river and the lot is a thin strip of BLM land, common in this area and increasing the land behind your property. The Trinity River and its hard fighting fish are immediately accessible from the property and once in the river you can traverse upstream or down as desired. This is a fantastic price to get into some of the best steelhead fishing there is, anywhere.

 The River

Designated as a Wild and Scenic River, The Trinity is also one of the West’s best fisheries for Steelhead and has some fantastic salmon and big Brown Trout fishing too! In May the salmon begin to run and can provide great fishing through November throughout the river. September is the beginning of the steelhead run which can last well into march. The intimate nature of the river, combined with strong runs of fish can result in mind boggling numbers of steelhead landed. Most fish are between 3 and 9 pounds, but can range up to 16. Although no longer planted there remains a brown trout population most specifically targeted in the waters around Lewiston . The river is also very popular for rafting, kayaking and canoeing as it winds its way from Lewiston over 100 miles to the Klamath. This property is located on the Trinity River’s Fly Fishing Only Section, the uppermost couple of miles below Lewiston Lake and highest upstream the steelhead and Salmon can migrate and spawn. This section is subject to some fishing restrictions to protect steelhead and salmon during the spawn and is closed from September 15th through April 1st and can be stacked with steelhead upon its opening. Just downstream of this Trinity Riverfront Property is the Lewiston Bridge boat launch, the uppermost launch point to begin your fishing adventure on the remainder of the Trinity which is open year-round. There aren’t many pieces of Trinity Riverfront property like this available!

The Area

Trinity County is a pretty spectacular place! Recreational opportunities abound in this mountainous region of California. Roughly the size of Vermont, if pounded flat it would take up an area the size of Texas. The Trinity Alps Wilderness Area provides more that 500,000 acres of exploration for backpackers, horse packers, day hikers, hunters, fishermen and photographers. Just up the road are Trinity and Lewiston Lakes. Trinity lake offers a fantastic water sports opportunity from bass and trout fishing to skiing and boarding with 145 miles of shoreline. Located just below Trinity Lake is Lewiston Lake which then feeds the Trinity River in Lewiston. Lewiston Lake is a tremendous trout fishery and in many cases can be fished just like a spring creek using small flies and targeting large fish. The Trinity River once again flows after being released from Lewiston Lake. From mountain biking to wine tasting to cross country skiing, there’s plenty to do here! It’s easy to find peace and solitude in Trinity County with only 4 people per mile and not a single traffic light.

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Offered at $SOLD
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