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  • On the hunt. There's something completely engrossing about fly fishing small streams. From stealth to tight casting lanes and presentation, and everything in betweem, the variables are dynamic. Yet it's also all so simple and observable and connecting.
  • 80 acres with wild rainbow and brown trout. Lake Christine on Rock Creek Ranch is a former private waters fishery. Though the property suffered from the 2012 Ponderosa fire it has been replanted with 14,000 pine, cedar and oak. See link in bio. Now $325,000!
  • "What are they bitin' on!?"
  • It's flats fishing season in Northern Ca.
  • Lake Christine on Rock Creek Ranch is home to some beautiful rainbows (and a few browns!). The lake, and portions of Rock Creek are entirely contained on the 80 acre property. Affected by the 2012 Ponderosa fire, the ranch was replanted with 14,000 trees in 2015.

Located in Manton Ca, about 1 hr from Redding. Now offered at $349,000. See link in bio.
  • A quick overview of waterfront home sales in Shasta County in recent years.
-GRAPH 1: The volume of sales has not surprisingly been on the rise in recent years, especially in the $300-$500k range which is the sweet spot to get on the water without a huge investment. Homes in the $500-$750k range have also seen solid increase. Sales over $750k have remained fairly consistent, likely due to smaller inventory and high price of acquisition, these sales include some large acreage homes with agricultural benefits.
-GRAPH 2: Average list/sales price per square foot of waterfront homes by year. This data was compiled from homes on 5 acres or less to exclude the additional value of high acreage properties. This is a general overview and doesn’t take into account the recent higher sales volume of upper end homes, value will vary depending on quality and features.
  • #henrysfork under dark skies one Fall a few years ago when this rainbow materialized on this waterfront pot of gold.
  • The high desert of Northeastern CA is getting plenty of water this year, ensuring fat happy trout with good late season flows. Though the rain has me looking forward to clear skies and 8:30 sunsets. What does this wet weather have you thinking about?
  • Looking forward to warm, calm days and moving targets. #sightfishing
  • Hazel loves water, but 70 lbs of densely packed muscle and slender paws make her more of a submarine than a speedboat. If she swam any lower she'd need a snorkel. The choking and coughing won't stop her, not much will. Warner is a 90 lb. mix of many breeds with the webbed-feet of a duck. It's not too difficult for him to get to the bumper first if he has a clear shot but he'll swim with one eye over his shoulder. Once back on land his advantage is gone with only a head start remaining.
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